40 Developmental Assets®

The 40 Developmental Assets® framework was created by Search Institute® consisting of preventative measures, positive experiences, and qualities that young people need to grow up healthy, caring and responsible. These assets are protective factors that have been consistently shown, by research, to buffer youth from risk. The more assets a child has the higher probability that child will not be involved in behaviors such as: teen pregnancy, school dropout, substance abuse, delinquency or violence.

Internal Assets

Positive Values Positive Values (6 assets)

26. Caring

Young person places high value on helping other people.

27. Equality and Social Justice

Young person places high value on promoting equality and reducing hunger and poverty.

28. Integrity

Young person acts on convictions ans stands up for his or her beliefs.

29. Honesty

Young person "tells the truth even when it is not easy."

30. Responsibility

Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility.

31. Restraint

Young person believes it is important to not be sexually active or to use alcohol or other drugs.

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Developmental Assets® are positive factors within young people, families, communities, schools, and other settings that research has found to be important in promoting the healthy development of young people. FromInstant Assets: 52 Short and Simple E-Mails for Sharing the Asset Message. Copyright © 2007 by Search Institute®, 877-240-7251; www.search-institute.org. This message may be reproduced for educational, noncommercial uses only (with this copyright line). All rights reserved.