Media Task Force

The Media Task Force implements a comprehensive communication plan to increase the awareness of Positive Youth Development, provides social marketing consultation to all of the PYD Task Forces, and assists in mobilizing the community to “Get Involved” and “Make Connections” with youth to become intentional asset builders. Some of the highlights of the Media Task Force work over the past year include:
Coordinated PYD Week (1st full week of October each year) • Chose & recognized an individual as an PYD Asset Champion

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Task Force

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Task Force has been successful in bringing various teen pregnancy prevention initiatives to the same meeting to discuss the “common ground” amongst philosophical differences on how to reduce teen pregnancy. Members have also shared best practices and program information
to gain a better knowledge of prevention services for the youth of Erie County. The goals of the task force are:

  • To implement science-based approaches in schools and youth-serving organizations.
  • To increase community education and outreach on teen pregnancy prevention using the 40 Development Assets.
  • To track and share teen pregnancy trends for Erie County (focus on sub-groups who still need improvement).
  • To involve youth in task force meetings and gain insight and ideas from them for effective strategies for the reduction of teen pregnancy.


Youth Development Organizations Task Force

This task force serves the needs of the agencies in Erie County that work directly with youth and families. The Youth Development Organizations Task Force is comprised of many local organizations working together to infuse the 40 Assets into all sectors of Erie County, including businesses, colleges, service providers, youth organizations, residential treatment facilities, and many other organizations. The task force meets monthly and has worked hard on raising the level of awareness of the 40 Devleopmental Assets® as well as offering training to agencies. Some of the major highlights for 2013-2014 include:

  • Maintaining the highly successful “Quarterly Networking Breakfasts”
  • Planning and implementing 40 Asset trainings workshops
  • Planning the Spark IGNITE Asset Builder Award