2019 Fall PYD Youth Summit
Community Organization Registration
The Fall Youth Summit is set up as a organized planning session for the groups.  Students will be educated on the 40 Developmental Assets and then challenged to use that framework to design activities building the assets in their peers.  The students will be guided through a strategic analysis of their school/community,  then asked to brain storm ideas to fill in the gaps.  Finally they will begin actual activity planning.
The role for the Community Tables is to educate the students on what their organization has to offer in terms of project support.  For example, if the youth group determines that they need to focus on Teen Dating Violence, they would turn to Safe Net and Safe Journies for help.  Also, agencies will be set up as 'information' booths.  They might not have a program that the youth can connect with for the projects, but might have a connection or program that the students could us.  The idea is to help educate the youth on what programs are available for them in Erie County.
The students attending the event will have a designated time to visit your tables. 
In order to participate, you need to complete the online registration by October 9th, we will supply the table.