The objective of sites of intense interest is to infuse the the 40 Developemental Assets® and their framework into the school districts and into the communities. Through collaboration between school district, community service agencies, and community volunteer groups, the Positive Youth Developement and the PYD Associate Coordinators at each site have been able to provide students with with positive and asset-building activities.

Union City Area School District- Union City, Pa

PYD continually works to lower dropout rates and truancy in Union City. In the last three years drop outs have been lowered by 72.11% and chronic truancy (those absent 60 or more days) by 87.29%.

Some of the goals achieved:

  • Increased connections with area service organizations
  • Increased asset building activities in the community
  • Collaborated with area organization on various community asset building events
  • Data shows an increase in asset levels in categories from baseline year
  • Positive Messaging Campaign
  • In fall of 2013 students in grades 6th – 12th took both the Development Assets Profile (DAP) andan Activity Survey. Initial results indicate the number of activities a student participates in or wants to participate in is directly correlated to the number of assets they have.
  • Decrease in teen pregnancy rates


Strong Vincent High School- Erie, Pa

Through financial support from the United Way of Erie County, PYD has placed an Associate Coordinator at this school to focus on reducing truancy, raising school graduation rates, and implementing the 40 Developmental Assets® model to create a more positive school climate and reduce school drop out for all students. The Associate Coordinator is responsible for working with students, teachers, administrators and support staff to foster positive relationships and instill hope for the future for students.